From Dusty Laptop to Ad-Slaying Hero: My Epic AdGuard Server Adventure!

From Dusty Laptop to Ad-Slaying Hero: My Epic AdGuard Server Adventure!


Well well, my exams are done and I'm a free man now with all this time on hand I will enjoy writing some silly blogs.. So Picture this an old laptop hiding in the dark depths of my storage closet, longing for a chance to prove its worth again. Little did it know that its time had come!

In a world plagued by pesky ads and creepy trackers, I embarked on a wild journey to transform my trusty old laptop into an AdGuard server. Brace yourself for a tale of triumph, tech wizardry, and the obliteration of annoying ads from my home network. Buckle up, because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Step 1:

Resurrecting the Forgotten Hero, Imagine the dramatic scene of me pulling the dusty old laptop out of its long-term hiding place. Cue the heroic Zelda music! With a twinkle in my eyes (not really) and determination in my heart, I knew this underdog of a machine had a chance at redemption. After all, who doesn't love a good underdog story?

Step 2:

The Quest of the Perfect OS, Choosing the right operating system was like finding the perfect partner-in-crime for my laptop-turned-server. I needed something reliable, robust, and, most importantly, cool. Enter Ubuntu Server, the shining knight in Linux armor! It's like the Batman of operating systems—lightweight, powerful, and ready to save the day. Installing it was easier than ordering a pizza. Yum!

Step 3:

Enter the AdGuard Home, Our Mighty Protector, With Ubuntu Server 22.04 up and running, it was time to unleash the ultimate weapon against those obnoxious ads. AdGuard Home, my superhero sidekick, swoops in to save the day!

Armed with its DNS-level filtering powers, AdGuard Home knocks out ads, trackers, and even malicious websites, like a ninja with a heart of gold. Setting it up was as easy as slaying a few dragons (and by dragons, I mean running a few commands).

Step 4:

Customizing and Saving the Day, Now that the server and AdGuard Home were locked and loaded, it was time to customize my Adguard instance. With a few clicks here and there, I configured AdGuard Home to fit my specific needs. It's like putting a badass cape on my server and giving it a cool catchphrase: "No ads shall pass!" With every tweak, my home network became a fortress of ad-free bliss.

Step 5:

Sharing the Love, Having conquered the ad-infested realms of my own network, it's time to share the love and spread the knowledge! I wouldn't leave my fellow internet warriors hanging, right? I'll document my epic journey in a way that even my tech-challenged friends can understand. Together, we'll rise against the ad invasion and enjoy a peaceful online experience.


In a world overrun by ads, my old laptop rose like a phoenix from the ashes to become an AdGuard server, a mighty protector of my home network. With Ubuntu Server as its trusty sidekick and AdGuard Home as its powerful weapon, the laptop-turned-server now battles the forces of intrusive ads and trackers. No longer forgotten and collecting dust, my old laptop has become a hero, and it's just the beginning of an I.T adventure.


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