Why You Need a Home Server Right Now!

Why You Need a Home Server Right Now!

Well, Servers are brilliantly versatile as you can turn your grandma's rusty 6-year-old computer with spider webs inside into a server that will serve you well.

Here are some reasons why you need one.

1. You Learn About Linux

So Linux is a really important skill in software dev and a lot of mugs look over it, yet in most corporate env's you have to work with Linux machines, so I recommend you start your journey with Ubuntu server (it's free) and also it's based off debian and has very large support + user base. I've also linked some resources below regarding this, check'em out later.

2. You can host your projects

When you set up your server right, you can host your projects on your home server, no need to pay for a VPS. Having your own server means it's easy for you to host multiple projects of various varieties like:

  • discord bots

  • automation scripts

  • tunneled VPN

  • meta-search engines

  • your portfolio website

3. Handle Your Internet Security

A home server can provide enhanced security for your data and devices. You can install OpenVPN firewall to protect your network from known cyber threats. You can also set up access controls to limit access to your network and data, ensuring that only authorized users can access it.

Alongside, you can also host your own DNS server at home, so all your queries are filtered as per your request and your internet data stays with you.

4. Have yourself a media server

Home servers can also be used to stream your media content, such as "legally" movies, TV shows, and music, to all your devices.

Instead of storing media on individual devices, you can store it on your home server and access it from any device over your home network. This will save you space on your devices and reduce the need for multiple subscriptions to media services.

5. Microservices

Microservices are one of the best things you could run on your rusty old home server as you need barely any resources to run multiple utility-based apps.

These run on the docker engine and here is a list of some I use:

  • JellyFin - Media Server

  • Adguard Home - Adblocker DNS across the network

  • Portainer - Gui for Docker

  • Y-TT - Youtube Downloader

  • CodeServer - Web-Based IDE

In Conclusion, a home server can be a valuable asset for any Software developer. It provides centralized storage, media streaming, home automation, remote access, enhanced security, and a hell lot of learning opportunities.